“Greenwood came to Spain because of Bellingham”→Bellingham’s anger…”I apologize” clarification

September 18, 2023 | by

Getafe head coach Jose Bordallas has clarified his comments.

Getafe signed Mason Greenwood this summer. Greenwood, who was dubbed the “future” of Manchester United, was accused of sexually assaulting his ex-girlfriend in October of last year and was subsequently banned from playing. United suspended him and the Premier League (PL) removed him from its roster.

A lengthy court battle ensued, which ultimately resulted in a ‘not guilty’ verdict. All charges against him were dropped and the prosecution was halted. Afterward, Greenwood wanted to return to the game, and his first choice was Man United. However, things didn’t go well: public opinion was not in favor of Greenwood’s return. The women”s team actively opposed his return.

Eventually, the club parted ways with Greenwood. This summer, he left for Getafe in Spanish La Liga. Originally, the move was expected to be a termination of contract, but it turned out to be a one-year loan move.

After the transfer, Bordallas opened up about the reasons behind Greenwood’s departure. Speaking to Spanish outlet Radio Marca, he claimed that Greenwood was close to Judd Bellingham and that the reason he came to Spain was because he had spoken to Bellingham.

While this seems like a perfectly acceptable conversation between friends, Bellingham’s camp was outraged. “Bellingham’s agent was offended by 먹튀검증 Bordallas’ comments,” according to British outlet The Athletic.

Bordallas has since apologized for his comments. According to The Athletic, he said, “I want to correct the mistake I made. I said that Greenwood had come to Getafe after speaking to Bellingham. This was not true. I apologize. Greenwood came to Getafe for other reasons. We showed interest and they offered me Greenwood. We were interested in signing him. I want to be clear about my previous statements, there were no bad intentions.”


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