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September 18, 2023 | by

Gwangju FC is taking care of the process as well as the result.

Gwangju has been so dominant that the term “team of the moment” seems awkward. Picked as a relegation favorite before the season, Gwangju has been on a roll, winning against most of the teams in the K League 1, including last season’s champions, Ulsan Hyundai, and then upsetting FC Seoul in the third and fourth place match at Sangam on Sunday. The win over Seoul extended Gwangju’s unbeaten streak to 10 games. It’s a record that most promoted K League 1 teams struggle to achieve during the season.

Gwangju’s surge is even more interesting for a reason. It’s not just the results, it’s the substance. First of all, tactically, Gwangju is not a team that got lucky, relied on the performance of certain players, or played a defensive strategy commonly referred to as “anti-football” to reach the third place in the league. It’s a team with a clear philosophy on how to play football, and it’s taking on the rich colors and aroma of Gwangju.

Intense pressing, organic movement of players, and the use of passing to create chances are the words that describe Gwangju. Some have compared Gwangju’s style to Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City or Brighton, a team that has recently emerged as a Premier League (PL) sensation and is known for its emerging tactician, Roberto De Zerbi. This shows the quality of the tactics that Lee Jung-hyo is pursuing.

The coach’s reactions are also a factor that increases interest in Gwangju. His reactions are a reflection of his passion.

Lee is known for his anger when his team is leading or winning a game. If he doesn’t score more points despite his chances, he’s disappointed after the game. On the other hand, when he scores a goal or wins a game the way he wants, he is happy.

This is because he is greedy. He calls for attacking soccer for the fans. He believes that there is no point in defending against a strong team in the K League 1 and losing, and that it is better to attack and lose. And he has followed his philosophy throughout the season. 온라인카지노

The results are even more valuable because they were achieved with a small budget and support. Gwangju has one of the smallest budgets in the K League 1. Recently, Gwangju players have been in the news for training in poor conditions. Despite the adverse conditions, Gwangju has been able to produce solid results.

With the regular and final rounds still to come, it’s hard to dismiss Gwangju’s momentum as a fluke. That’s why we’re excited to see Gwangju’s post-season report card.


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