KU football coach misappropriated scholarships, parent dues…Center for Sports Ethics investigating

September 17, 2023 | by

The head coach of Busan Dong-A University’s soccer team is suspected of transferring student-athlete scholarships to his personal account and spending parental dues arbitrarily. If the allegations are proven to be true through an investigation by the Sports Ethics Center, Jang is expected to be disciplined and the soccer team will suffer damage.

The Ethics Center has been investigating Jang’s alleged misconduct for more than two months. “We cannot disclose the exact details because we are still investigating, but the coach has largely admitted the allegations,” the center said on Saturday, adding, “For the parts he denied, we have requested data from the school and are waiting for a reply.” The center has largely completed its investigation of parents, student-athletes, school staff and coaches since receiving the report in July.

Players and parents said the allegations were largely true. “A few years ago, the coach demanded that several players wire him $300 each in designated scholarships,” one alumni parent told us. “They were told it was for the soccer team, so they complied,” another said. One alumnus said, “The coach told me to send him the scholarship money to buy uniforms, etc.” “I know this has happened recently as well,” another said. Another alumnus said, “The coach also wired the players’ national championship stipends to him,” adding, “I thought it was all unfair, but both the players and parents were too afraid to complain for fear of being penalized.” Another parent said, “The coach withdrew millions of dollars from the parent dues account multiple times with a debit card, saying it was for his salary and the coach’s salary.” The evidence includes scholarship transfers with Zhang’s name on them, dues statements with multiple large withdrawals, and tournament room captures of disgruntled athletes returning their scholarships.

Zhang is a faculty member. It’s hard to understand how a faculty member could withdraw large amounts of money from a parent’s dues account in the name of activity fees, salary, etc. “Even when we questioned him, he wouldn’t disclose the exact details because he said, ‘You’re asking for it,'” said one parent. “There was no parent meeting about it, no financial report from him.”

According to relevant documents and evidence, the cost of parental dues is around 8 million won a year, including 3.6 million won for snacks (two payments of 1.8 million won each), 3.6 million won for operating expenses (300,000 won per month), and 500,000 won for winter training. If there are 30 athletes, that’s more than 200 million won. The operating expenses of a school sports team must be managed only through the school account. Operating any other account is a violation of the regulations. Since the coach is a faculty member, there is also a possibility of violating the Act on the Prohibition of Unauthorized Solicitation and Receipt of Money and Gifts (Kim Young-ran Act).

“If the allegations are proven to be true, disciplinary action against the coach is inevitable,” the Korea Football Association said. The Korea University Sports Federation (KUSF) also said, “If a leader receives a disciplinary or judicial punishment from the sport’s organization for sports misconduct, the university will be subject to a 20 percent cut in KUSF funding and the sport will be excluded from KUSF support.” KUSF has recently provided more than 100 million won per year in training, equipment, and participation fees for a three-year agreement. The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is also “closely monitoring the investigation of the Ethics Center.” 바카라사이트


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