In the first doubleheader, Moon realizes that “being a pro is not all about technology”

September 10, 2023 | by

“I keep realizing that professional baseball is not all about skill, and I keep realizing that as I play.”

The Hanwha Eagles swept the first and second games of a doubleheader against the Kiwoom Heroes of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on Sept. 9 to extend their winning streak to five games. Moon Hyun-bin started both games, batting first and playing second base, and recorded his second consecutive multi-hit game to help his team to victory.

She started the game with a triple in her first at-bat. She then came home on a single by Chae Eun-sung. It was the final run of the game as Hanwha won 11-2. Moon Hyun-bin completed her multi-hit game in the next at-bat with a two-run double with the bases loaded. In the second game, he hit an RBI single to right field in the third inning off starter Lee Myung-jong, and an infield single with runners on first and second in the fifth inning to drive in the game’s first run.

After the game, Moon said it was “tough”. “After nine innings of a single game, I’m pretty tired afterward, but playing 18 innings wasn’t easy. It was my first time playing a doubleheader, so I didn’t have a plan, and I think I just kept focusing. I was confident at the plate and I think it paid off.”

Moon realized the importance of physical fitness early on. As the season has progressed, he’s realized that lesson firsthand, but he’s still having a great debut season. “In high school, I thought that technique was important because I played one or two games a week and took a month off when I competed, but when I came to the pros, I realized that the mental and physical aspects of playing 144 games are more important than technique,” he said.

When asked if there was anyone who gave him advice in that regard, Moon said, “It’s hard to pick a favorite because they all helped me, but Beast veterans Chae Eun-sung and Oh Sun-jin help me a lot. They say a lot of good things to help me gain a lot of confidence, and sometimes I get feedback on situational things like, ‘This is the right play in this situation,’ so I can relax when I play, and I think I’m making progress.” 온라인카지노

There are also personal efforts. Moon said, “I think I’ve been calmer since I started reading. I used to get excited and not be able to control my emotions well, but I read books. I read when I have nothing to do and whenever I’m bored. I try to read during my cell phone time.”

She still has about a month to go. As Moon says, the pennant race journey is longer than you think, and it’s not easy to keep your body and mind in the same state all the time. Moon is doing a great job of it. “My goal is to finish in the first team until the team finishes 144 games without getting injured,” he said.


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