’21 goals in 3 games’ Koguryo wins 3 games with hot offense…Joseon-Sunmundo passes group stage

August 17, 2023 | by

Korea University sails through the group stage with a fireworks display.

Korea University defeated Busan National University 8-1 in the group stage of the Taebaek Mountain Phase of the 59th Autumn College Football Tournament in Taebaek, a leisure and sports city in the highlands of Gangwon Province, on Saturday. Korea University showed off its hot offense, scoring 21 goals in three group games.

Chosun University also breezed through the group stage with three wins, including a 4-1 victory over Seoul Digital University. Hannam University also advanced to the tournament with an undefeated record. 메이저놀이터

◇59th Autumn Intercollegiate Football League Taebaeksangi (16th)

Hongik 4-0 Cheongwoon, Korea 8-1 Busan Overseas, Dong-A 5-1 Jeju Halla, Hanyang 4-1 Kukje Cyber, Dongguk 2-1 Suseong, Ho-Won 2-0 Honam, Songho 2-1 Gumi, Andong Science 2-1 Woosuk, Full Gospel Assembly 4-1 Dongyang, Chosun 4-1 Seoul Digital, Hannam 2-0 Calvin, Sungkyunkwan 1-1 Cheongju, Yonsei 3-0 Daegu, Sun Moon 2-0 Dongshin, Segyeong 1-2 Chodang, Gyeongil 3-0 Yeoju, Gimhae 1-0 Cyber Overseas, Ajou 1-0 Wonkwang, Gyeonggi 4-1 Suwon, Jungwon 4-1 Inje,


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