“He’s greedy. You seem to be in a hurry…” 3 crucial kills in 2 days → 1 disgraceful kill, ‘MVP candidate’ → ‘step down’

August 15, 2023 | by

The Samsung Lions traveled to Incheon after a sweep of LG in Daegu and a 1-1 series with Doosan. They won the first game on the 11th against second-place SSG Landers. They won 5-4 with a no-hitter in the ninth inning.

Expectations grew for a winning series against the second-place SSG after the first-place LG.

However, they couldn’t keep the momentum going.

On the 12th, they took a 2-1 lead after six innings of one-run ball from starter Baek Jung-hyun, but lost 2-3 in extra innings to Han Yoo-seom in the 10th.

In the final game, on the 13th, they lost 0-4. The ostensible reason was that new pitcher Widener (4 runs in 6⅔ innings) was outclassed in the return matchup against SSG Kim Kwang-hyun (no-hit in 7 innings). In the end 먹튀검증, Samsung dropped the series and returned to Daegu in disappointment.

A closer look at the two-game losing streak reveals that the team’s No. 1 batting lineup was a bit lackluster in the late innings at crucial moments.

At the center of it all was Jose Pirela. He was the main culprit who poured cold water on crucial moments. Over the course of two days, he hit three wickets at crucial moments to break the deadlock.

Day 12 against SSG. The score was tied at 2-2 in the top of the 10th inning. Samsung took advantage of a leadoff walk by Koo Ja-ook.

Pirela batted fourth. He couldn’t get a bunt to the fourth batter.

Pirela looked like he was going to bunt, but then he took his trademark powerful swing. Seo consistently threw forkballs. Swinging wildly at the first pitch. Second-pitch ball. The umpire’s hand went up on the third pitch, a forkball that looked slightly high. 1B2S. Four pitches later, he pulls hard on a low pitch and hits it in front of the shortstop for a double. A crucial opportunity was lost.

Pirela’s streak continued on the 13th.

Trailing 0-2 in the top of the fourth inning. Ryu Ji-hyuk led off with a single to right. It was the first leadoff hitter to reach base.

One out later, Pirela came to the plate. After shaking off a slider for a first-pitch strike, Pirela pulled another two-pitch changeup from Kim Kwang-hyun. He flied out in front of the shortstop to end the inning.

Down 0-3 in the top of the seventh. After throwing 91 pitches in the sixth inning, it was doubtful that Kim would be able to finish the seventh.

After giving up a walk to Kim Hyun-jun in the bottom of the sixth, he squatted down on the mound and told the umpire, “I’m tired,” when asked about his condition. In fact, he pitched twice a week in day games. It was physically exhausting.

The leadoff hitter, Koo Ja-rook, realized the situation and walked. It was the second leadoff hitter of the game.

Sensing the seriousness of the situation, the coaching staff visited the mound. Pirela batted fourth.

After letting an initial slider strike slip by, Pirela pulled hard on a 143-mph fastball for a second pitch. The ball hit under the bat and was heavily bound for the third baseman. Choi quickly rounded second base to complete the double play. It was Pirela’s second hit of the game. As Kim Kwang-hyun’s face lit up with a smile, Samsung’s last hope was gone.

Prior to the game, Samsung manager Park Jin-man recalled the circumstances of Pirela’s hit the day before, saying, “Seo Jin-yong has a lot of balls, so I was approaching the game with a one-run lead and looking at the ball well, but I was greedy (to solve it).


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