‘4 Winners 4 MVPs’ by Lim Yeon-seo of Supia Girls’ Middle School

August 11, 2023 | by

She is the undisputed best player in the girls’ middle school division.

Supia Girls’ Middle School won 64-47 against Onyang Girls’ Middle School in the girls’ final of the ‘2023 Korean Basketball Weekend League Wangjung Wangjeon’ held at the Yanggu-gun Sports Complex in Gangwon Province on November 11. With this victory, Supia Girls’ Middle School won four championships this year (Spring Federation Games, Federation Championships, National Youth Sports Competition, and Wangjoong Wangjeong).

The MVP was Supia’s Lim Yeon-seo, who scored 25 points, 17 rebounds, seven assists, and six steals in the final, as well as winning the scoring, rebounding, and defense awards.

“It was my last game as a middle schooler, and I told my teammates that I really wanted to win the championship. I think our opponent, Onyang, wanted to beat us and win the championship, but we were just as eager to win the championship,” she said. “Coach Lee always emphasizes the importance of movement on the court for players who don’t have the ball, and I think we lacked that in the first half of the final, but I think we were able to get more movement in the second half and increase our lead,” she concluded.

Lim won every tournament she played in this year, leading her team to four titles and earning MVP honors in all of them. Lim, who was also selected to the U16 Women’s National Team, is a promising prospect for the Korean women’s basketball program.

“I don’t care what people think of me, I don’t have any expectations, I just want to show my basketball and do better,” she said.
She finished her middle school career with a bang. Now it’s time to prepare for high school.

“When I go to high school, I’ll have a lot of things to lose, like my height and physique, but I always want to show that I’m doing my best, and I think I can be better than I am now if I work hard,” Lim said. “I want to read the situation where I need to break through and pass well. Sometimes I panic when I break through and get blocked, but I want to overcome that.”

Finally, she said, “My goal is to become a professional player. I want to become a player who can continue to show my basketball skills when I go to the pros.” 메이저사이트

We look forward to seeing what Lim will do at the high school level.


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